Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Letter from Tigger, 1 year on, & family

I can hardly believe it, but I’ve been in my Norfolk home now for almost a year (well, eleven months actually).  Me and Katie (border collie cross) have lots of games together, like tug, pretend fights and chase. She quickly decided that she was the boss, but I don’t really mind, as long as I get lots of cuddles from my people and my Dad plays endless games of throw and fetch. I have trained him to throw my soft toy for me every 20 seconds or so while he is on the computer or watching football. I’m sure he doesn’t realise he’s doing it half the time; if he forgets I woof loudly to remind him. My Mum and Dad take me to the beach about once a week. My people have this long thing that makes the balls go a long way. Katie always gets there first – I’m bigger, but she’s quicker (and brighter – Dad). We met this man on the beach this week. He told us that he had a dog that he loved very much, but he died about a year ago. He had thought about having another dog, but had felt until now that it would have been disloyal to the one that died. My Dad told him that he once had a special dog that died, and although he would always have a special place in my Dad’s heart, they now had another dog in the family that he loved just as much (I think he meant me). He told the man all about Wiccaweys. My Mum and Dad have a granddaughter now. She is 10 months old and likes to pull my hair. I hold up my paw to say “please do it again” and so she does! We love each other lots.  Me and Katie go to see the groomer once every month. Katie just has a wash, but I have a wash and trim, because my hair grows so quickly. The vet said I had put on 3 kilos since I came to Norfolk and now I am exactly the right weight and that I am really healthy and that I have a “lovely nature”,  whatever that means. I am sending you a photo of myself. It was taken just after I had been groomed. Don’t I look handsome! Love and licks to you both and thank you so much for rescuing me. On the web site you had put “Tigger deserves to be loved for the rest of his life”. Well, I will be. 

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