Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Letter from Tobi & family

Here he is just now. He is a great help in the garden not. Rosie is having a kip on the bed upstairs.  He and Rosie are getting on great. She has come out of her shell since Tob's arrived. We didn't realise how much she missed Jack since he died in August. Woken up again this morning by those two play fighting on the bed. Took them for a long walk this morning and they are knackered from running after their tennis balls.

He runs well off the lead over Pontcanna Fields and Bute Park and walks well on the lead in the street although he gets nervy when there are a lot of people and traffic about. He gets in well with other dogs so far and we still have three cats and they don't bother each other.

Took some nice photos the other day. Will forward them in later.

He has landed on his feet coming to us and we are really grateful for having him.

Best wishes from John and Kay.

PS Saw pictures of those gorgeous little Kelpie puppies on you website. Just look like Tobs. Is he a Kelpie as well?

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