Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Letter from Bonnie & family

Dear Sarah, Paul, Eleanor and all my friends at Wiccaweys
Mum said I should let you know that I am now registered with the Kennel Club as Wiccaweys Bonnie Babe.  Mum and I have been doing Rally Obedience on our weekly girls' night out and we are doing our first show on 24 June.  We are a bit nervous but want to make you very proud so we will try our very best to do well.
I have been at my new house now for over a year.  Mum says I'm a bit bossy with Ernie, my big brother, and I have dug a lot of holes in the garden. (I always pretend that it was Ernie doing the digging but mum says that my muddy nose gives the game away!)  I am very happy in my new home but still miss you all.
Ernie and me send you lots of kisses and mum and dad send their best wishes.
With love

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