Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Letter from Goldie & Millie

Hi Paul and Sarah
We have moved after 3 years on the market and have finally sold our house and are now resident in the Highlands of Scotland, me going back to my roots, we had a very traumatic time with a quick sale on then maybe etc., and after 3 weeks in the caravan whilst we secured our new home.  We have settled now since 20th April, that is just a month and goodness how time flies.
Goldie and Millie had a few issues which is completely understandable, but now they are really settled our home is in a small fishing village called Balintore and the rear of our house is 40 paces from an award winning beach, as you could say doggy heaven, plenty of room for them to run around about a mile away is a walk along the coast on narrow fields to the next village some 5 miles away.
What prompted me to make contact today was that both Goldie and Millie decided it was time for a swim in the sea and they jumped off the rocks into the sea and swam all the way back to the beach and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

kind regards

Stan and Jean Delbridge

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  1. hey, I know Balintore ... lovely place ... we spend a lot of time at Embo near Dornoch ... our house is 2 minutes from the beach as well .... we should meet up .. how can we get in touch?