Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Letter from Spring & family

Hi Sarah and Paul
We thought you would like to know that Spring has settled in and seems to be a very happy little girl. She and Rosie get on so well and Rosie is as we thought being very tolerant and teaching her a few things!!!  She is a very happy, mischievious puppy and makes us laugh.
She has settled into a night time routine fine - we have allowed her in our bedroom but she immediately goes to sleep and dosnt move until the alarm goes off - then we stand no chance and its wet noses and those foxy eyes saying 'come on its morning and I need a wee now!'
We took her to the village dog show yesterday were she was great. Loads of dogs and she was so good and really socialble. Everyone adored her.  I will send you a few photos soon once I have downloaded them.
P.S from Abi
I really love having Spring here we play lots of games together it's soooo fun! :) I've taught Spring to jump over a few jumps and shes even gone through my tunnel!! :) I help dad take her and Rosie out for their morning walk each day and shes a bundle of fun!! She follows me everywhere, we play hide and seek where i run somewhere in the house and she follows me but she has to find me!!! It's very fun! Shes had a very fun Jubilee with having lots of cuddels on the sofa! :) Shes full of character and I love how her toung sticks out the side of her mouth when shes happy! ;) Shes the best doggy in the world (along with Jakey and Rosie) and I love her very much!  Hope you had a good Jubilee.
All the best
Sally, Tom, Abi, Rosie and Spring

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