Friday, 1 August 2014

Update from Abby (nee Gabby)

Hi Paul and Sarah
I just thought of you this morning and thought you might like an update on Gabby (now Abby). You kindly matched us up in Feb last year. Abby is an awesome dog, fellow dog walkers often comment on how well behaved and loving she is, she is now happy to say hello to other dogs and strange people. She loves yomping about with us and has been camping and travelling about all over.
She is super with our rabbits and also likes chickens and cats too - some good wiccs socialising there! She has had a few health problems, a fatty lump removed and now some stiffness in her back but it's under control and she loves life, her big red ball and any food that might happen to come her way.

She is deeply loved and we can't thank you enough for pairing us up.



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