Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Update from Rookie (nee Rocky)

Hello everyone, hope you are all well. How time flies, I cannot believe it's eight weeks today since Mary & John came to collect me.
I've settled in really well & get taken for lots of walks. On some Sundays we walk up to the dog food shop at Stokenchurch to get my raw food , it's a five hour round trip, mostly along the Ridgeway. I'm fine when I get back, maybe a light snooze, but John is absolutely knackered!
The first time we went to the river Thames at Wallingford was amazing. We sat on the bank watching the swans, boats etc. Discovered that I like digging in the water, I think John is going to attach a photo of me doing just that.
Just finished a six week basic training course, it was good to meet the other dogs but was a little bit easy for me so M&J and Julie Meads, the lovely trainer (always has treats on her) decided that I would love agility, (I agree), so first class on Friday, can't wait.
Overhear M&J saying they should change my name to Beautiful because everyone who see's me says "isn't he beautiful". Modesty prevents me from commenting further!
Hope you like the pics, say woof woof to all my four legged friends up there, and thanks again for the chance of this fab new life in England.
Bye for now.
Love Rookie x

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