Saturday, 2 August 2014

Update from Musto

Dear Sarah & Paul,

Firstly thank you again for allowing us to make the decision to bring Musto home with us.  I think I will always have a regret that I left Poppy behind but the last couple of days with Musto have been a joy and he has settled so well it is clear the decision was right.

One lead returned and I enclose a couple of photos of Musto on our patio.  He just loves the space in the garden and is very relaxed out there.  He's eating well and is happy to be left at night when we go to bed.  I have left him on his own for about 20mins a couple of times and he seemed to cope with that well.  Tomorrow I have a meeting in the village so may be away for about an hour so we'll see how he goes.  The signs are fine as he hasn't show any separation anxiety so far.   The only concerns are his hatred of the car and he is not keen when Robert comes home in his overalls, but as soon as he speaks he's ok - a throwback to his early farming life perhaps?   He sits as soon as we hear a car on the lane,  but does have a tendency to try and chase once it's passed.   I am now aware and make sure this can not happen.  Bouncy when you have the inclination to play but happy to lie and watch things when there's no play.  Very affectionate.  The vet I usually see is on holiday so have an appointment in 10 days when she is back but he is now registered with our vets.  Paw still a bit sore but clean and healthy.  

Once again thank you for the time you gave to us.  Keep up the good work.

Best wishes to you and all your canine friends.

Lesley & Robert Warburton

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