Monday, 25 January 2010

Letter from Daisy & family


It's been ages since I've managed to get over to see you, so I thought I'd send you a bit of an update...
There are changes afoot for crazy Daisy...she doesn't know it yet (we're working on her language skills ;) ), but she's moving onto a narrowboat!   Does that make Daisy the first Wiccaweys boat dog?!    Luckily, because her uncle Robin lives on a narrowboat already, she already knows what it's like to live afloat and she is well aware that a boat gets her that bit closer to the ducks...

For Christmas it was four pooch, two kitten and five adult madness in Ireland.  Mum and Dad are still renovating, so fitting the extended family into two rooms was entertaining!  That makes Daisy's second trip to Ireland and she loves disappearing off to chase the rabbits and reappearing covered in cow s**t.  Much to her mum's and everybody else's distress!   The boxing day walk along the beach was perfect too - we even managed to convince Daisy that chasing a galloping horse wasn't worth the effort ;)    She goes into a decline when she comes back - sulking because she loves her Grandma!

Daisy also went to Manchester with her cousin Guinness to see her great great Grandma for her 85th birthday in December.  I suspect Daisy enjoyed this more than her GG Grandma who was still suffering from shock when the two kittens and two dogs were long gone.   We got a lift to Manchester, but we braved the train on the way back down.   I'd fully expected to have stops every half an hour because Daisy wasn't fitting in with the general commuter peace, but we did the whole train journey in one, with Daisy the queen bee sat on the chair next to me following the suggestion of a very nice conductor. SHE didn't pay for her seat though!

So all in all, crazy Daisy has gone pretty much everywhere with her mum although she can't come to Barcelona in April ;( , but she's been bribed with another trip to Ireland a couple of weeks after!

Hope you guys are well and we'll try to come up to say hello again when we're settled on the boat - we do have to travel through Northampton as we move the boat from Cambridge to Oxfordshire, so maybe we'll pop in.  I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year and Daisy and I would like to say a massive thank-you for being the ones who took care of Daisy when she needed it and letting us live together.  One year on (where did all that time go?) we're still chuffed to bits to be together and Daisy would like to say thank-you for finding her an owner who spoils her rotten... ;)   There are some piccies attached for you.

All the best,
Love Beth and Daisy

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