Monday, 25 January 2010

Letter from Sammy, Rocky & family

Hello Paul and Sarah
It was really lovely to meet you both last weekend and we are delighted to have a new family.

Neither boys seemed to know their names so they now have a new home, new names and lots of new things to try out!!!

Sammy (now Kai) and Rocky (now Skip... because he bounces up and down) have settled in very quickly.
They have learnt their names, also seem to be beginning to understand "come", "no" and "stay".
House training is doing well, only a few accidents, although Kai did wee over the vets bag of treats when we went to be chipped!!.

We have let them off the lead on the beach and they have played and run +++++.
Today we went to see the boat. Walking on the pontoon was a little strange to start with, but soon became OK.
After a while we all got on the boat and after a short while the 2 boys were exploring and running around the deck. We think if we take it slowly and just spend a few weekends in the marina, not going anywhere, we should have 2 good "sea-dogs"!!

I have sent you some pictures (I know you said you did not have a picture of Sammy/Kai).
I tried to take a picture on the boat but both boys were a bit busy to look at the camera!!

Best wishes
Sarah and Nick


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