Monday, 25 January 2010

Letter from Ollie & family

Well, we have had Ollie for two weeks now and he has settled in brilliantly!
He is a lovely dog, very good with the children, very gentle.  Pass on our thanks to the lady who rescued him and of course to yourselves.

Ollie on his first night with his toy
Day 2: Ollie playing ball with Niall, which they both enjoy.
Day 3:  Ollie catching a little rest.

Saturday, first time off lead in an enclosed field.  Ollie is very good at returning when called, the child is not!

Ollie at work with me.  Ollie is not phased by livestock at all and can walk past cows off lead without even glancing twice, how good is that!?!   These are some of the luckiest cows in the country, they are part of conservation grazing herd and they never go to market.  Their job is to just eat grass.  Some are over 20 years old!

Ollie and the cows.

Everything was going great until Monday, when Ollie's newly neutered testicles swelled up huge!  He'd got an infection in his testicles, so we had a week with the cone of shame on and antibiotics.  But even this has not phased his good nature.

Ollie out for a walk, he is very friendly with other dogs.

More fun!

All in all, things are going very well.  Ollie is a lovely dog.
Hopefully the pics say more than I can with words.

Many thanks, Simon, Della, Rowan, Niall and Ollie

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  1. Lucky Ollie and even luckier livestock. Looks like Ollie has a fab home with loads to keep him busy.