Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Letter from Molly & family

Dear Sarah, Paul and the gang,

It's a long time since we've been in touch, but it doesn't mean I don't keep looking at your site and seeing what everyone is up to.  Thought you'd like to know Molly is doing just fine.  We love her dearly - she's just brilliant even though she rivals Alladin in her thieving tendancies!!  I had thought she might get over this but I think she just likes to keep her hand/paw in! 

One day we'd love to come to the Wiccs Show or a Wellies and Paws walk - its just quite a drive to get to you at the mo.  If you ever think of doing a "Understanding Collies/Sprollies Talk" up north, then let me know cos I'll be first on the list!

Saying all of that, Molly is doing well.  As you can see from the photo, she's as sociable as ever, having made friends when we were out in the snow in early Jan, and her favourite game involves anything where we throw a ball for her and she's caught on very quickly that if she drops it straight away, then she gets to charge after it all the quicker.  Smart girl. 

So thank you for letting us adopt Molly the Collie that isn't a collie - she's a love.


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