Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Letter from Birch & family

Just to let you know that I have settled in very well and am successfully training my new family.  I have made many new friends of all sorts, we have a funny little hen that I have to be careful not to fall over and two friendly rabbits, we talk through the fence but I am not allowed to play with them.   I have to be very careful with my friend Bob as he is very old but there are lots of other dogs around here, I race round the field with Katie and Paddy and have wrestling matches with a large poodle called Ziggy, I like poodles.

I have been boating, I really like sitting on a boat watching all the ducks and things go by and it is great to walk along the canal and jump in the reeds.  I love paddling and I think the perfume in my garden pond is marvelous, but my mistress made me have a bath, she doesn't like badger either, can't think why not.

I am taking my mistress to obedience classes, I think she should do all right in time.  I have been to several dogs shows, it looks great fun, can't wait to start competing, will have to let you know how I get on.

Bye for now, have some holes to dig.



  1. What lovely photos of you & Bob. You both look very happy! It sounds like you are having a lovely life with your new family. :)

    Julia & Mick

  2. So glad your lovely dog has settled. We saw her on the site and thought she was gorgeous, but we could never have adopted her as she is SO like our beautiful Romany who we lost 3 months ago at only 2 years old. It is so heart-warming when everything turns out well. Best of luck for the future.