Monday, 17 May 2010

Letter from Rex (now Max) & family

Hi guys, just a few photos of Max which are so hard to get as he can hear a camera switch on even when he appears fast asleep or is occupied doing something else , then the ears flatten and he manages to sabotage my efforts to get a nice picture. 

The settling in period is coming to an end now, that meek little thing we bought home is disappearing and he is flying up the garden chasing birds, butterflies or the midges flying over the pond . Out on a walk most of the time he is out in front leading the way and from mild apprehension meeting other dogs and people, he is now straining on the lead to play with them (which is a reminder that he probably has selective hearing when it suits him , cos i know he is so focused on them he would not hear me ).

We have had a few problems with food guarding which is totally understandable, but he is getting better with a bit of work, and he has gone from tentatively climbing on the sofa he is now boldly getting up and climbing all over us almost demanding our undivided attention like a naughty toddler.

He also pulls our coats off the coat hooks or his bedding into the middle of the room when we go out.  I went to bed before Mick sunday night and lying in the dark felt him appear in the room jump on the bed put his head on the pillow where Mick should be, then not content with that  started pawing me to stroke him, so i guess we can say he has definitely found his feet and testing his boundaries.

Ann and Mick


  1. Awww...Max! You soon got your paws under the table! You are looking very handsome with that shiny coat. Be a good boy!
    Huge scruffles!
    Julia, Mick, Michael, Luca & Indy

  2. I was the person who used to feed rex/max at the farmyard in Ireland, I just wanted to say how happy I am that he has found such a lovely family, I can't believe how much he has come on, he wouldnt even go indoors before,let alone climb on to the sofa!!!
    please give him a big cuddle from me and tell him I still miss him! Mari x