Friday, 14 May 2010

Letter from Mac & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,

We just wanted to say a huge thank you for letting us have our darling Mac. 

Even though he has only been with us for a week it seems like he has been there forever.  When we decided to get another dog as company Cosmo we were all adamant that we would only have a dog that was around the same age (9 months) or up to 2 years at a push, but when Cosmo saw Mac it was obvious that there was an attraction there and we just could not ignore it.  Well, that attraction is still there and Cosmo will lick and cuddle Mac at every possible opportunity.  Mac has been absolutely great, he is so placid and has only got cross with Cosmo a couple of times, which is surprising as all Cosmo does is jump all over him.  It's so lovely to watch him becoming more and more secure in his surroundings with us and he is slowly beginning to play with Cosmo.  He is so well trained too, on Sunday evening he tried to eat Cosmo's food so Alan just gently told him no, he looked at us both and ran straight to Cosmo's bed and wouldn't get out until we told him he could, just need to teach Cosmo the same now!

On Monday afternoon, Lizee and I took the two dogs for a long walk in the woods, along with a friend of mine who has a cocker spaniel, we were a little nervous as we weren't sure how Mac would be, we have brought him a 10 metre training lead but thought he might want to run around in and out of the trees and bushes, but once again he was great, he had a great time with the two dogs and seemed to be very protective over Cosmo and kept jumping in when it seemed that the rough and tumble between Cosmo and his cocker friend was getting too rough.  Of course Mac and Cosmo both had to jump in the stream at the end of the walk so they both went home very wet and very smelly!

Alan and James have been taking the boys over the park every morning and evening and Mac is beginning to make some new friends, he has managed to pull both James and Alan over on several occasions but what can they expect if they throw the frisbee huge distances for him, of course he is going to chase it! Just wish that I had been there to see it.

Mac has also been a constant source of entertainment to little Grace, she sits on the sofa and keeps throwing the ball for Mac who then returns it for her to throw again, she thinks it's wonderful, she can still watch her favourite TV programmes and play with the dog at the same time, unfortunately it's usually Grace that tires first, Mac being a typical collie will never stop playing ball.

Best Wishes
Jane xx

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  1. Awww.. Bless you Mac! Still being an angel. Lovely to hear that he has settled in so well & that he & Cosmo are such good pals. :)

    Julia & Mick