Thursday, 6 May 2010

Letter from Marco Polo & Maggie

Good morning Paul, Sarah and all my friends at Wiccawey's.

Marco here calling to let you know how I'm doing and to say sorry for taking so long to get in touch, truth is I've been so busy settling in and having fun I haven't had much spare time. 

I'm loving it here in Headingley Leeds ,mum keeps me and Bibi the black cat very comfortable and she is always laughing at our games I'm always chasing him but he's too quick for me and always manages to outrun me. I'm just chilling with him on mum's bed now, having been out in the woods since half past seven this morning, the squirrels drive me nuts, I just can't seem to get up the tree's after them.

I've got lots of new friends to play with but my favourites are Blitz the greyhound, Bruce the boxer, Wilma the cocker spaniel and Sprout the Jack russell, but I'm not too keen on Buffy the retriever cos he thinks I'm a girl and just wants to kiss me but he knows when I've had enough. Mum takes me to play with them every afternoon and we play for hours, I have such a good time.

I'm learning to do new things and have lots of toys, I like my frisby, sticks and playing pull it when I'm chilling in the garden which i can do safely in all weathers.  All mum's friends adore me and make a fuss of me whenever I see them.  

We do have some photographs to send you but mum has to find out how to send them on the computer as soon as she does we'll let you have them. Well I think I'm gonna catch some zeds for 10mins whist mum goes in the bath,

Love to you all and thanks for finding me my new home, 
Marco and Maggie.x

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