Saturday, 22 May 2010

Letter from Buddy (now Jerry) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

On arriving home Jerry (Buddy) quickly made himself at home. He was visited by several members of our families and broke all of their hearts.  He didn't make a sound when left at bedtime and this has been the case ever since. Jerry was really well behaved when we visited the vets and was very good when he had his microchip inserted.  He loves the walks around here and is a frequent visitor to various parts of Sherwood Forest. Jerry is very good on his lead and waits on command when we need to cross a road.

Tom and Jerry (great isn't it) are the best of friends. They play together at every possible moment and Tom is really focused on Jerry. We do give both Tom and Jerry 'time outs' so Tom can get on with his routines and Jerry can relax a little. Tom has shown Jerry a lot of affection which is something that doesn't come naturally to him due to his autism. We cannot believe how good they are together. We really feel that we could not have a better dog for our family.

Thank you so much for helping us to find the perfect friend for Thomas.  Jerry has only been with us for a week but it seems like he has always been part of our lives. He is a much loved dog and we truly cherish every moment we spend with him.

Jerry is also famous as this week he has appeared in the Nottingham Evening Post and on BBC TV's East Midlands Today as we went protesting outside Nottinghamshire County Hall at the proposed closure of Tom's respite centre. He is a natural in front of a camera as you can tell from the attached pictures.

We will come back and visit you all soon. Remember us all to the wonderful Jack, the perfect greeter.

Louise, Ian, Tom and Jerry Ward

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  1. This is simply wonderful. What a fabulous bond between boy and dog, and how they both will help each other in the moths and years to come. Good luck to you all.
    Susanne from Kendal