Thursday, 10 March 2011

Letter from Blondie

Hi Paul and Sarah

We thought you would be interested in how our little star Blondie is settling into her new life. She really has been a fantastic addition to our family and has given us so much pleasure. She is such a beautiful dog, I know all parents say that about their own, but she knows it and laps up all the attention that she gets wherever she goes. Being such an unusual colour for a collie is a great starting point for conversation and walks take much longer than normal as we have to stop and talk to people about her. She loves the country walks that we have around here and responded really well to being let off the lead. She is constantly checking where her ‘flock’ is and will return straight to our sides when called. 

We are now training her to respond to the whistle and in typical Blondie fashion she grabbed the principals of it in about 15 minutes! She attended her first puppy training classes last week and once again seems to excel at everything that is put in front of her. The trainer was very impressed and thought that she would make an excellent agility dog when she is a little older. 

On your advice we purchased a cage for her and she now accepts this as her space. It is in the kitchen/diner area of the house and she contentedly lays there watching everything that goes on and playing with her toys.  At night she will often take herself off to bed when she wants to and is happy and secure in there.  She has adapted well to travelling in the car and comes out with me on a regular basis to the art classes that I teach. She is a very popular member of the class, greets everybody when they arrive and then lays under the table while they paint, although she does like removing and shredding tissues from any unattended bags. She has also attended some of the art societies where I demonstrate and is a valuable member of the sales team; we seem to sell more cards and accessories when she is there!
A couple of weekends ago we took her to the Norfolk coast and she experienced the seaside for the first time. It was cold and windy but we had some lovely walks along the near deserted beaches. When she first set foot on the sand she responded in typical Blondie fashion. She sat, cocked her head to one side and took everything in. Then realising that all was well, she took off, running round and round in circles just enjoying being a puppy. She discovered that sea water is salty, experienced her first pub lunch in front of a log fire (a perfect way to relax after a walk), met lots of other dogs and of course, her adoring public! This week we are off to the New Forest for a couple of days and have found a lovely hotel that has a couple of dog friendly rooms so will hopefully post some more pictures of her there.

David, Amanda and Blondie

Thank you both for all the wonderful work you do and in introducing us to our perfect companion. 


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  1. Hi Amanda it was lovely to meet you and Blondie today in Pets At Home. She is a stunning little girl and very similar to our Max in colour. Hope next time we bump into you both we will have him with us they will get on so well. Take care Jeanette x x and Woofles to Blondie from Max x x