Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Letter from Molly (now Tegan) & family

Just a quick update to let you that Tegan continues to thrive and has brought absolute joy into our lives.
She is fun and interested in everything and anything that you do, all house rules have gone out of the window i.e. not allowed on the sofa or bed, she curls up next to me in the evening on the banned sofa after a busy day and I love it, and yesterday we were both tired and had a nap so Tegan joined us snuggled upto us it was heaven (I know only doggy people understand this).  She goes everywhere with us, if we
go to the supermarket she comes with us in the car she is a darling. Thank you for letting us have
Karen (and Barry) 


  1. Lovely to here this, I am sure this news would be welcome on the forum on the New Members Cafe.
    Keep on training them Tegan!
    Love Chris and Lizzie

  2. Glad to hear. :) I think the sofa one could be my fault, we had a furniture ban but I'd sometimes let her up for cuddles. Glad she's with such a loving family and enjoying herself so much!

    Rachel and Sam