Thursday, 10 March 2011

Letter from DIngo (now Amber)

Amber (previously Dingo!)

We have had Amber 2 weeks today and already we couldn't imagine not having her in our lives and home!

She has been absolutely brilliant, very relaxed in the home (unless there is a dog barking on tv!!) and very good on walks.  After just 2 days with us she had learnt to wait on command......with the assistance of treat related training!  She is a very clever girl and we have a great bond with her......and she loves her new bed and bones!!  She has made some new playmates too with other dogs in our family.

When we were looking for a dog we would have never considered an Australian Kelpie like Amber....mainly because we knew nothing about them, but she has turned out to be the perfect dog for us.

Chris, George & Amber!

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