Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Letter from Taff & family

Hi Sarah and Paul
This is for the updates on adopted dogs page.

Hope you can use it.

We are just coming up to the SIXTH anniversary of Taff coming to live with us. From a timid, jumpy, bundle of nerves he has transformed into a dog who loves everyone. He is calm and friendly and makes new best friends of complete strangers when out for his walks in the country.

He is the gentlest, most loving doggy soul, loves his fuss and attention, enjoys life to the full and is totally adored by the whole family.

His only fault is that he hates bikes and tears after them, snapping at wheels and heels. Some cyclists take it better than others...!
Six years ago we were wondering what on earth we had taken on, but lots of love, attention, patience plus support and advice from our good friend Aunty Sue have worked miracles (or is that because he is a vicarage dog?) He even enjoys going to the vet!! It was a proud day when he won the Best Rescue class in the local dog show.

Thank you so much Wiccs for letting us have Taff, he has brought us so much  fun, love, loyalty and laughter. (David, aka Taff's Dad, adds: and worry, expense, early morning wake-up calls, walks in the rain) Don't take any notice, David is as besotted as any of us!

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