Thursday, 10 March 2011

Letter from Milo & family

Hya Sarah and Paul,
A quick update from Milo.  He's doing so well - it's like we've always had him.  He's even started barking when someone comes to the door - or if there's a door bell on the radio!!  He loves being in the fields behind us and will bring the ball back, well sometimes he doesn't want to drop it though.  Loves the ponds for the wildlife, goes paddling.  His legs and white part of the face are completely black by the time he comes home but he doesn't care.  Just one thing - he's scared stiff of other dogs.  He had a visit from a 12 week old basset hound and was totally scared out of his wits.  We never have to worry if there are other dogs on his walks, he just ignores them ;-).  Such a wus but we love him to pieces.
Hope all are well - glad to see some of the oldies have been rehomed.  Keep up the good work.
Our love to you all,
Keith, Margaret, Guy, Rachel and .................. oh of course, Milo

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