Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Letter from Bella & Mum

Dear Sarah and Paul,

As it is now a month since I brought Bella home, I thought you'd like an update.
She's a gem and I'm besotted!  Everybody has fallen for her sunny, friendly nature including all the dogs we meet up with on our walks.  She is SO intelligent and quick to learn and constantly makes me laugh. 

Lots of the container plants have gone AWOL as she loves to triumphantly bring me the vandalised pots they were in, but I just laugh and she throws herself at me for a love and cuddle. Hopefully you will get a couple of photos as an attachment but I'm not very good at this hi tech stuff.

Thank you once again for letting me adopt her - we'll come and visit in the old camper sometime.
Lin Corrie and Bella x

1 comment:

  1. Linda so chuffed for you and ofcourse the lovely Bella - flowers in the garden are so over rated anyway!!
    Take care, love from Shirley & Jack