Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Letter from Jean (now Gabby)

Hi All at wonderful Wiccaweys!
Apologies for it being soooo long since I last got in touch!!!
I am sooo much bigger now! I am nearly 10months old!
I am still as mad as ever before! I have my own little course set out in the garden for when I am having one of my "mad 5's".
I have been on lots of walks across all the fields in this beautiful weather, which has been lovely!
I have had lots of toys brought for me, and I love playing fetch, (which I just run off with the ball!)
I am fully trained at most things now, I am just learning "paw" and "beg". 
My favourite place to lie now is by the front door- but the silly postlady keeps making me leg it upstairs when she puts the post through the letter box because she scares me!!!
I had my own England shirt for the world cup- but I didn't bring them much luck!
I had a bath the other week and I got my upright more wet than what I was!!! Serves her right for trying to bath me!!!
I was helping the uprights clean the pond out not so long ago- I helped by keeping watch off the fish in the paddling pool.
Well. . . I will be off now- I think it's nearly walkies! :)
Speak to you soon!!!
Gabby (nee Jean) xxx

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  1. Hi, we re-homed Billy (her brother). Really nice to see she is doing so well, it seems she is just as bubbly as Billy!!! Will post some pictures on here of Billy soon as the family resemblence is there, well, the off centre stripe up the nose anyway!!