Friday, 12 February 2010

Letter from Homer & family

Hi folks,.........Homer here.

Wanted to just say to you that I am grateful for the help and leg up in life that you gave to me, while I waited for my new home.  I was a little anxious when we first left, so decided to annoy the hell out of this new boss man by singing. Strangely, instead of being mad, he seemed to like it. I had a short walk in Coven while the car was filled up with something, and we set off again. I saw the Pennines which I haven't seen for a while, but we kept heading west and I could smell the sea. So I started singing again.

We had another stop at Warton where I had a pee and then drove the last couple of miles to Lytham, where they took me on some things called sand dunes. Great, just great.  Met two Collies, had a poo, well, you have to leave your calling card don't you. Don't know what happened next cause I fell asleep total flako in the back. 

Got to my new home and they let me loose to have a good root around the house and garden.  Oh Boy!!!!!! a pond. Well, you remember you told them I like water, well I just walked in and sat down up to my neck and started drinking. Boy that old party piece goes down well every time I pull it!   So to give me time to dry out a bit, the man person took me onto the beach. It was deserted and miles and miles of sand. I drank some more water, but its very salty. Won't try that again.

Currently, I am fed, watered, walked, and obviously loved, so life is sweet.  Apparently this man person has two grown sons who are coming up to see me soon.  Anyhow, must stop now, as I am laid down all warm and comfy like.  My eyes are getting heavy and life feels good.  So before I fall asleep which I intend to do toot sweet, I will say goodnight, thanks for rescuing me, and thanks for finding me my forever home. I shall have these two wound around my little finger within a week.

My only concern is that I appear to have an appointment with some ladies tomorrow at 10 am to get a good bath whatever that is.  Seems they bath you, dry you, comb you and generally spoil you so perhaps it wont be too bad.

Night night to you both, give my regards to all my mates down there and tell them that they will get their forever home soon and its definitely worth the wait.

Your old mate

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  1. Lucky you Homer a lovely new home. We hope you liked your bath - ask the boss to put a photo of you on the website every now and then - we will miss your smiling face.