Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Letter from Bonnie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul
We had planned to pop in to see you this week as its half-term and we'd (pre-Bonnie) planned to go to Snowdonia, but as she's so young we thought she'd find the welsh hills a bit too much, even with her long-legs, so we've had a few days at home instead, going for some nice walkies and thought we'd send you some pics of her on Lowestoft Beach on Monday.  This is her 2nd visit to the seaside, the first time she was very dainty and wouldnt even get her paws wet, this time she was far more adventurous, jumping over the small waves and trying to bite the foam.  She made friends with 3 collies who were on their holidays too. She had a lovely, lovely day and was shattered in  the car on the way home!!  She's also been over to the Broads and the local river (not so keen on the water there!), so is exploring her new countryside well.  We are definitely going to Snowdonia for Easter and will come and see you on the way home then.   Also looking at buying a nice big tent with a view to camping in Scotland next Summer too.  She is growing fast and the ears are changing rapidly, think she might have at least one sticky-up ear!  She has now got the habit of sitting by the front door when she thinks we're going out, so she doesnt get left behind and often just comes for a ride in the car.  She is a wonderful, affection girl and we love her to  bits.
Will keep in touch!
Anne, Vic, Scott, Ross and Bonnie XXXXXX

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