Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Letter from Jack (now Hector) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul
Just thought you might like a quick update on Jack.  Well, firstly he had a name change in the car on the way home. We've decided to call him Hector after the dog in Hector's're both probably too young to remember that programme!! (Mike says he's actually been named after the Trojan hero....)
Hector has been absolutely delightful - we can't believe how well he and Betty travelled home together.  After about 5 minutes they both lay down and apart from occasionally popping his head up to check on directions we didn't hear a peep from either of them for the entire journey.
Once we got home we let him explore the garden with Betty and then we took him for a walk along the canal.  He just loves everyone he meets doesn't he?  Thankfully he showed no interest in going swimming unlike Betty!
Betty let him play with all her toys and they are now both fast asleep on their beds, side by side, absolutely exhausted after the day's excitement.
Thank you both so much for letting him come to live with us.  We will most certainly keep you updated.
Lots of love, woofs and thank yous from....
Rae, Mike, Betty and Hector x 

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