Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Letter from Lola (now Jess) & family

Hello Paul and Sarah
Here are some photos of Jess as promised.
She makes a nest in a bed of irises to keep her cool during the summer and it is also where she escapes to when she is running away from the wind banging doors inside the house!
She loves the sea.  Not managed to get her swimming yet but she loves charging in and out after stones.  She also loves puddles - in every one she visits she has a drink then a wee - must be some strange doggy logic to that! 
She has a new friend - a male rottweiler!  He's so friendly, and is protective of Jess if another chap looks her way!  It's amazing such a big scary looking dog can be so friendly and caring, whereas she always gets viciously barked at by a shih tzu, pug and westie who live locally!
As I said on the phone, am trying to persuade my friend to adopt a Wiccaweys collie - she grew up with a collie so is, like me, a collieholic!  We both look at your website regularly - those Minstrel pups are gorgeous!
Jemma & Colin


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