Sunday, 28 November 2010

Letter from Spot (Magnificent Seven Pup) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just to let you know Spot slept all the way home which was great, he walked into the house and was greeted with a rather bewildered grumpy cat! Not that that worried him being mr confident he carried on exploring and settled down, when it came time for bed we put him in his crate and he snuggled up in his bed, he wasn't overly happy being left on his own overnight but nothing worse than we expected and he finally settled, not that Jen or I really slept properly waiting for him to stir!!! But at 6am I think we had all had enough and we decided to take a wonder around the garden!! 

He seems to have settled really well and is playing with his new toys and already worked out that the garden is the place to go to the loo! Although there has been a couple of mishaps! The cats are coming around and he has already become a huge character in the family! What was life like before him.... 

Thank you so much to everyone we met at wiccaweys for making us feel so welcome and giving us the time and support to find the right dog, Spot is super and we are overjoyed with having him!!! And all the funny things he does! We will keep in touch with regard his progress!!!


Andy Morris

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