Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Letter from Mario (now Milo) & family

Dear Auntie Sarah and Uncle Paul.

Hope you like my photies; I'm settling in very well here EXCEPT they bathed me - what an insult to my dignity!

Oh - and they don't let me jump up on the work surfaces in the kitchen or the dining room table - and why not I ask myself?

Lots of love to you and your volunteers and all my four legged friends.

Hope they soon get homes.

Milo (aka Marrrio)


  1. Hey its Mario that was my doggie but he was getting too big so we had to give him away :(
    I hope ye love him and he is being good for ye! :P

  2. hya there - we love him to pieces - sorry we changed his name! He loves playing in the snow and standing on our frozen fish pond. He also loves eating the bird food that we've put out - it's a race to see if he can get it before the birds do ;-).
    Will keep you posted as to his progress.

  3. Thanks so much for keeping in touch.Do you have other Photos of him?