Friday, 5 November 2010

Letter from Poppy Tibetan Terrier & family

Hi There,
Sorry for the long silence. Have been meaning to write but just never got there.

Life with Poppy is great.  She is so adorable and has now settled completely. I have socialised her with other dogs and now she is happy to run off the lead when we all meet with our dog friends on the field. She wlks happily to the heel and is an amazing happy dog. 

She gets on with our cat Tinkerell now and we bought a new kitten to introduce her to cats as she was not happy at first with Tinkerbell.  Her new kitty sister is Lulubell whom she adores and happily plays with. She takes the whole of Lulubells head gently in her mouth and plays gently with her. 

2 Weeks ago we added to our family with a Great Dane Male 4 years old from the Great Dane Adoption. This is the last of our animal family as there will be no more additions.  Jago (G. Dane) and Pop are best mates and Poppy is definately the dominant figuren the relationship.

We walk 3 times a day, 1 and a half hour in the morning and hour in the afternoon and 30 minutes b4 bed. 

Poppy hates been left alone a you know. So she goes with me when we go out or we get a babysitter in. An old lady who lives near by who adores Pop Pop! She therefore is never left alone.

She has had all her vaccinations as they were due and her deworming. We belong to the vet Aston Lee, in Newport Pagnell.

She is very obedient when we are out on walks. My best friend also has a Great Dane and Poppy loves walking with the Danes and sometime think she is a Great Dane a well.  She runs and tries to chase and keep up with them, it is really funny to watch. She is really a star. 

I have attached some photies of her for you to see!
Fondest regards


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