Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Buddy & family


The first night passed peacefully, all 3 together, and Buddy was clean except for a liitle leak on teh way to the door first thing.  Flynn and Buddy have been playing for over an hour now, think they are bonding really well, Murph is enjoying a peaceful lay in watching. 

So far so good the play is hysterical to watch, Buddy does not let Flynn's size put him off!! He launches his whole body at him!!

Buddy will be coming to watch his brother do flyball shortly, he wont be partaking until the obedience training is well under way

Our obedience trainers rushed over to see him last night and were amazed that he was soon stretched out upside down at our feet.  No doubt it will not all be plain sailing but all in all a perfect start from the young chap.

Will keep you posted!!


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