Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Teeka & Tara (now Pippa) & family

Dear Paul and Sarah,
Thought I'd give you a quick update on Teeka and Tara (renamed Pippa). They are both in very good form, Pippa has put on 4 kilos and has grown enormously, she's now about the same height as Teeka!   They love their 2xday walks on the beach,, and are ball mad. Pippa loves the sea and has even been swimming and retrieving the ball!- she is totally fearless !!   Teeka is a bit more wary but does paddle. Apart from kennel cough we've had no problems and my older two got it the worst.   I'm just about to start agility with Teeka and am already doing obedience with Pip. She is a totally different dog away from the others, very subdued, which she isn't at all at home, infact as soon as
she felt better a yip appeared!!!   I thought it would be good to get her confidence up on her own.  All the dogs get on really well, and Teeka and Tara are brilliant with the chickens and cat and are now fully house trained.

In fact we are still delighted with them!!

Thanks for the invite to the fun day - I would have loved to come but Pip is still car sick on longish journeys so thought it would be too far for her - hopefully you'll have another one in the future that we can come to.
Best wishes Julia Brown.

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