Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Letter from Donna (now Mitts) and family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Just thought I'd drop a quick line to let you know how Mitts is doing, I will send some photo's separately as it doesn't seem to want to send with attachments. 
We are really enjoying Mitts, she is a lovely dog with a really cute and Querky personality. We call her our 'little Princess'. She is a proper lady and it shows when we are out and about with her buddy Sox. He's the 'proper boy' rough and tumble, over the top etc, Mitts puts him in his place though. The two of them love playing together but she is the gentler one when out, she likes to skinny dip whilst he 'bomb dives', she likes to pitter patter along whilst he charges by !! A lovely combination.
Mitts has learnt her recall very quickly by whistle and also knows her name, she was kept on the long lead for walks for about 4 weeks but we are now confident that she isn't going anywhere. She's still on the lead for some outings involving trips to the Peak District as she has an extremely powerful herding instinct. Mitts tries to round up anything that moves and often circles us on walks. She is still very noise sensitive and quite nervous but this is gradually improving as we give her lots of reassurance.
We are really pleased to have Mitts, we and the kids love her to bits and she is a real pleasure to have in the family.

With best wishes 
the Shipleys

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