Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Gillian (now Maisie) & family

Dear  Paul and Sarah,
Maisie (formerly Gillian) has settled very happily in her new home; she gets on famously with Jamie, whom she continues to energise and sometimes even surprise him.

Maisie has three window ledges in the house, from which she can survey the village and guard us. She gets very excited when the Oxford or Banbury bus goes past ............... and the tractors and lorries. Passing villagers are now getting used to seeing her in her ‘vantage point’ and this morning she certainly brightened up a lady’s day, judging from the smile on her face.

Maisy sallies forth into the neighbouring fields every day and has discovered the pleasure of pheasants in the hedges and open fields, thanks to Jamie’s mentoring. After the initial excitement of setting out, she is walking well, enjoying plenty of sniffing and the occasional attempt to freshen herself up with some fragrant eau de fox or badger.

She likes to start the day with a cuddle and a little chat from her mum or dad : she is a veritable bundle of joy and a lovely addition to the whole family.
Hope you can use this and any of the attached pics
Best wishes
Neil and Jane


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