Friday, 18 November 2011

Letter from Kerry (now Indy) & family

Hi Paul & Sarah.
We have had Indy for just over a year now,and thought it was a good time to give you an update.
From a very timid dog who wouldn't leave my side around the house and whilst out walking, he now is very confident and will happily run on ahead, but always checks to make sure he knows where I am! He loves to chase squirrels and goes on squirrel patrol every day during his walk around the park, this is about the only time he barks!
Unfortunately he had a shoulder injury in August and had to have an operation, but thankfully he is now fully recovered and getting his fitness back. The vet is very impressed with his recovery. It was hard giving him restricted walks for a few weeks though.
His personality is now coming to the fore and he such a character always amazing us with his antics and his loving nature, he is certainly one of the family now, and couldn't imagine life without him.
Our old retriever Molly sadly died earlier this year, so Indy is now top dog and seems content to be on his own. When the time is right we will very likely paying you a visit to get him a companion, but for now it's just us and Indy and we love him to bits!
I have attached a photo of him that we took on a day out in Dartmoor.
Best wishes
Kevin & Sara Moon

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