Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Buddy & family

Paul and Sarah,

He is doing well and has really settled in, he has formed a good frienship with Flynn mainly but we found him curled up in bed with Murphy one morning.  He and Flynn play a lot, tug of war is a favourite.
We are walking him off lead throught he fields already, his recall is very good and he is learning the whistle command from the others.  His stamina is low so we are taking it easy, building slowly, he should be getting to 35 minutes at his age but cannot manage that yet, as soon as he looks to be tiring we pop him on the lead.  He is eating well and is converted to Oscar's as Flynn is but we give Buddy a half an feed extra at lunchtime.  His appetite is very strong.  We will try the csj food next time, looks good from the website.
He is a great character and is part of the household now, he did his first obedience training on Wednesday and was good for a first effort.
My guess would be that he was raised alone by a woman, his first instinct is to go to Imelda or women but he is not afraid of men so has not been mistreated.  He loves his cuddles and I am spending more time with him over the weekend so he is more used to me, having said that he lays with me in the evening happily. 
Attached are a couple more pics for you.



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