Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Buddy & family


He has had quite a day, been out in the car with his new brothers, watched Flynn at Flyball (barked encouragement), went to his new Grandad's (my father) and played in his large garden.  Then a trip to Jollye's to be kitted with new collar, lead, harness and ID tag (the loan collar will be on its way back to you tomorrow, many thanks) then back home to watch me add a rail to the bottom of our 2 gates (he showed an ability to limbo dance last night, now he can't!!).  He has had a very short run in the fields late this afternoon, all in all he has settled in very quickly indeed, my father was amazed at him.

He is very affectionate to men and shows no symptoms of mis treatment, he bonded with my Dad instantly (he is our normal dog sitter, if needed).  He is a real character and the bond with Flynn is already very strong, they play and rest well together, last night all 3 dogs settled down cuddled up.  He is an accomplished thief when it comes to food stuff, we need to have our wits about us, this is no issue to us, is quite amusing, we will adapt to minimise his opportunities.

Attached are a few quick snaps of him today.

Thanks so much for bringing him in to our lives.


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