Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Letter from Meryl & Dad

Dear Sarah and Paul,
It is six weeks since I collected Meryl
from Wiccaweys. She really is a lovely,friendly dog. I have had minor poblems with her, such as digging up my lawn, but she will grow out of this. She is good on the lead,and I can now let her off the lead in the fields. She will only go around 30 yards away from me,and will come back immediately when called. She is very,very fast.
She is very friendly with people and
other dogs. Everyone who sees her wants her. One lady said to me the other day 'your dog smiled at me yesterday' ,and no doubt she
did, because she is such a happy dog. I only have to look at her and she wags her tail.
I can only think that she was a failed
farm collie,because no-one in their right mind would part with such a lovely dog as Meryl.
I cannot thank you enough for this
lovely lovely dog.
Please keep up the excellent work that you are
doing, making both dogs and people happy. In mine and Meryl's case very, very happy.

Des & Meryl

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