Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Archie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

As this is Archie's nominated 1st Birthday I thought I would drop you
a line and let you know his progress.

He is a very handsome boy who always has a smile
on his face. I think in a former life he must have been a miner,
because our garden was riddled with holes, until I used my agility
netting to separate the dogs from the flowerbeds. My sister-in-law was
complaining in the spring that she had no colour in her garden, well we
did - orange!

Archie is a very biddable little chap, who soaks up training like a
sponge. He recently took his KC Bronze Test, and did very well, right
up until the last 10 ssecs of the stay, when he got up for a little
wander around! The club have promoted him to the Silver Class though
because he is so good at everything else. 

He has been measured for Agility and came out as Large, seems a bit

unfair he is still quite a bit smaller than the other two. I have also
registered him with the Kennel Club, they wouldn't let me use Wiccaweys
as an affix, though, so he is just Marble Archie. I did his first bit
of agility training yesterday and he seemed to like it and I will be
joining him in a class as soon as we get back from our holiday.

On the subject of holidays, as you know we have a motorhome and Archie

seems to love that too. He is very good and quiet in the van when we
are moving and enjoys playing in our little garden with his toys.We are
off to Scotland tomorrow for 10 days, I think that journey will be a
real test. However we have no plans in the immediate future to take
them all abroad again. Harry is too old (14) to put up with the
stresses of travel to that degree.

In Eleanor's briefing notes she gave us when we collected him, she said
he used to cry to go to bed. Well he doesn't cry anymore, but he still
loves his bed. He puts himself to bed in the kitchen whilst the others
are still watching telly, and although he has his breakfast with the
others at 6.30am, he then comes back up to our room, gets into Harry's
basket and stays there, often until I have to tip him out to go for a
walk at 9.30!

You may remember that I was worried about the two older ones not being
hugely keen on Archie when he was a puppy? Well things are much better;
he and Tweed love to run with each other on walks and play in the
garden quite happily. Harry still has his moments, but Archie does
rather ask for it. Harry is not a cuddly dog and took huge exception
when Archie got into his bed with him last week! Archie also has lots
of other doggie friends that we see regularly, and of course he adores
people, so all in all, a lovely little lad who is now an indispensible
part of our family.

I attach some pictures for you to drool over. He is really too sweet!

Best wishes

Wendy Dugmore
Harry, Tweed and Archie

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