Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Tigger & family

Hi there, guys.
Remember me? Tigger - the one who disappeared just over two weeks ago.
Well, first of all sorry I wasn't around to welcome you home, Auntie Sarah. I'm jolly glad you're feeling better and you'll just have to imagine the big juicy licks you'd have got if I had been there.
Mum(Ann) and Dad(Barry) say I have to be extra nice to Uncle Paul who sorted everything out and  let me come back to Norfolk with them. He was jolly helpful, even though he must have been very busy and worried about Auntie Sarah.
It seems ages ago but mum says it was Good Friday - two weeks ago - well I'm not too good on time but it was a good Friday for me 'cos I got a new home. We drove home to a village in North West Norfolk and I shared the back seat with a pretty little lass named Katie.More of her later.
Mum and Dad said I was jolly smelly and needed a bath and a haircut. Not the most friendly thing to say to your new best pal, but they persuaded a lady to give me a really good haircut to get rid of the tangles and then I had a bath. I feel so much cooler - just as well, 'cos it's getting hot round here.  Although only part collie - part man of mystery. Mum and Dad don't care what I am, they just think I'm the bee's knees.
Katie - that's the other dog who lives here - and I spend ages running round the garden, playing ball, tugging ropes and furries (she likes teddies - huh, typical girl) and then running in for a big drink and a cuddle. We have playfights sometimes, but I always win them 'cos I'm bigger. She's sneaky, though and beats me at other things without me realising how. I've offered her the chance to be the luckiest girl in the world (my girl) but she says, 'Paws off, you creep'. I won't give up, though.
There are lots of other dogs in the village and I meet loads when we go for walks. My faves are a little Schnauzer called Millie and and big golden lab retriever called Maddie - but I think that would be a bit ambitious on my part. There's loads of ducks in our village - they're fascinating creatures - you run at them and they fly up in the air AND THEN THEY LAND ON THE WATER OF ONE OF THE PONDS! When I'm allowed off the lead I'm going to have a go at that. We go for walks round the ponds and by an airfield and often through lots of fields - there's loads of hares and rabbits and even deer if I keep quiet, but I get excited and frighten them off.
Katie says that we'll go to Holkham beach soon. She says it's HUMUNGOUS and there's lots of  space and puddles of seawater (?) and mum and dad walk for ages. It's all right for her - she's allowed off the lead, but I'm not ready for that yet. I'm learning, though. I'm good at sitting and not bad at waiting. I'm beginning to understand 'Give' and I know 'No' , 'In' and 'Out'. That's usually when the hoover or the lawn mower is going to be switched on, 'cos I don't like either of them.
I've learned how to have my teeth cleaned, too - with a brush and great tasting stuff that I lick off my beard afterwards.
Mum's sent you some photos so you can see how I've changed. There's one of me killing a tennis ball the day after I got to my new home - well, what else was I supposed to do with it? I can't hold a racquet, now can I? There's one of me and Katie playing tug the same afternoon. Then there are three of me with the new haircut. One is me having fun with a chew before I knew how to have my teeth cleaned. One is me sitting by the door to the garden welcoming folk in. The last one is me and my mate Katie on the lawn, looking cute and innocent. Do you think we'll fool anyone?
Anyway, time to go. Katie needs me. (I wish)
Good luck to all you guys still waiting for new homes.


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