Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Bella & Mum

Dear Sarah & Paul,

We were so pleased to hear that Sarah is home and hopefully following orders re taking it easy! (Do I hear Paul saying "Yeah, yeah!")

Bella and I had 3 nights away last week in the camper as a trial run for our BIG ADVENTURE which kicks off next week.  We are taking Norman, the camper, as back-up to 4 friends who are walking Hadrian's Wall footpath east to west and tent camping each night. We will r/v with them and do some stretches of the path while staying on the same camp sites as them mostly.  They plan on it taking them 6 days. In
deference to Norman's and my advancing years, and Bella's youth, our trip north will be gentle via the Lincolnshire coast and east Yorkshire where one of the walking couples live. Then 5 of us and 2 dogs head to Northumberland. If the going gets too hard for little Anna, the other dog, I shall give her a lift with B & me - the humans can keep walking!

As you can imagine, whether or not we actually went depended on her response to last week's trip. We only went to the forest barely 20 miles from home and she was a star. Apart from being a bit bewildered the first night (as in "OK mum, we've been in this van 2 hours now, when do we go indoors?") she took to it like the proverbial duck, especially with all the walks she had through the forest and all the people and dogs she met. By the time we came home it was as if she'd been campervanning all her life.  She did learn 3 important points :-
1) Squirrels can climb trees and she can't,

2)Deer are very sneaky and
stay so quiet a girl doesn't know they are there

3) When sharing
a bunk it pays to be on the inside so that it's mum who falls over the

I'll attach a couple of piccies of the girl on squirrel watch - I really need her to get down to some serious packing soon, or she'll only have the clothes she's wearing to take away with her.

Take care, hugs for all the dogs
With our love
Lin & Bella xx

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