Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Letter from Scottie (now Spot) and family

Dear Paul and Sarah,
Dear Sarah - My whole family were pleased to hear you are now home after your stint in hospital.  My parents have asked me to say you must take things easy ....... don't overdo it too soon and set your recovery back!!!!!  We all wish you well soon. 
I hope you remember me, I was Scottie at Wickes, (changed to being 'Spot' in my new home).  I was adopted on 1st February 2010, and wrote later that same month (see letters Feb 2010).  Am currently so settled into my new home that Wiccaweys seems almost like a  distant dream.  There never seem to be enough hours to put pen to paper, hence I am long overdue giving you an update, but did feel I should write before I go to my new life in France - which seems to be getting ever closer - my Mum and Dad are hoping to be in Brittany before the end of the year.
I have enclosed a few piccies of my latest antics - I am having so much FUN that I don't get on the computer as often as I would like.  Last year, I visited our vet (nice people but not exactly my best friends - everything smells of dettol and they stick things up your bum) and they did something called a castration.  Not sure exactly what that is .............. but woke up one day a little 'woozy' and sore.  That was a long time ago now, but the last time I visited they said I was well muscled and toned and not too fat - I'm always asking Mum for more treats and titbits but she doesn't always oblige - even though I try to twist her round my little paw!
Anyway, just to update you, I am still living in Rutland but the cottage in France has now been extended and the plan is that we move over there permanently - possibly later this year.  Mum and Dad say it depends on 'the market', but to be honest, I don't care if we move or stay ....... I love both places equally.
I did get to visit the cottage last year after my pet passport went through - we came home the first day I was allowed to travel - but everything went off smoothly without a hiccup!  Have just returned from there again after an extended Easter holiday break - had an absolutely super time - the weather could not have been better and as the cottage is surrounded by woodland, I was in my element.  I did 'discover' the cat next door and found that she gives excellent entertainment value when chased ....... couldn't catch her though which was a bit of a frustration!   This did seem to upset both my Mum and the neighbours though, so I may be a bit more cautious before trying to catch her again!
Well - must close.  But will stay in touch whatever happens.  Got to go and learn a little French now ........ au revoir!
Spot (and 'Mum' Barbara and 'Dad' Gerald)

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