Saturday, 28 May 2011

Letter from Spock (now Shadow) & family

Hello there, Sarah and Paul and all my doggy friends at Wiccaweys!
This is Shadow checking in. I used to be called Spock but my new mummy and daddy have started calling me Shadow cos I'm always trotting around after them like a little, well... er... shadow. (I don't know what that means but I've heard them laugh when they say it and I know laughing is a good sound so it must be a good name.) (AND every time they say Shadow and I go and investigate, I get a treat. So I'm not complaining!)
My new big brother (well, HE thinks he's a big brother - I've already shown him who's the boss around here) is called Silver and he's very sweet and funny and quiet. He's being very patient with me and showing me how things are done around here, cos he knows what to do and I haven't got a clue yet. However, I've learned how to play with Silver in the garden and I even pinch his ball sometimes when he's not looking. (Or even when he is!) (And he's very nice about it.) He's also shown me how to get mummy and daddy to take us for lots of nice walks.
I was a bit frightened in the car when I left Wiccaweys but I sat on Silver and that made it OK and he didn't mind. (I really must tell him one day what a nice chappy he is.) Now I quite like the car cos this morning it took me to Hanchurch Woods and I had a lovely time with LOADS of new smells and new doggy bottoms to sniff.
My mummy and daddy are very nice (they told me to write that) and are amazed at my cuddle-capacity! They're not too keen on the fact that I take a short-cut over the bed instead of going round it, but hey... I'll let them teach me otherwise when I'm good and ready. My mummy and daddy use a lot of words to talk about me (and I don't understand many words yet) but they sound very much like 'lovely' and 'funny' and 'intelligent'. Oh, and 'mischievous'. Ha.
I'm having a bit of a problem writing this cos my paws keep slipping off the keyboard. But I can't ask mummy for help cos she doesn't actually know that I've nipped onto her chair to write this!
Well, must dash. Things to do, bottoms to sniff. I've attached a couple of piccies of me in my new home in case you want to look at them.
Bye for now. Keep up the good work over there.
With cuddles and licks from Shadow XXX


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