Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Tia & family

Hi Sarah, Paul and everyone,
Tia here. Hope you all had a good Easter.

I’ve just returned from my third trip to the Rhone-Alpes in France. It’s great fun there and I don‘t have a problem speaking French at all! At Christmas, there was lots of snow to run and play in and I went for long walks along the snow-shoe trails in the forest and up in the mountains. I’ve met lots of people on skis (I wasn’t too sure of them at first!) and lots of friendly dogs too, and I’m allowed to go into the restaurant there as long as I’m a good girl and sit quietly under the table (which I don‘t mind because I get a treat if I am).

This time, there wasn’t any snow, but it was great exploring the trails in the mountains and I had a lot of fun splashing around in the river and playing Pooh sticks. I’m getting to know all the local dogs, and Roxanne (a Bichon Frise) has actually stopped barking at me quite so much since we got the chance for a close-up sniff while out for a walk. Best of all, Cannai (a German Shepherd cross Golden Retriever) arrived next door for a holiday too, and we got on like a house on fire, even though she was a lot bigger than me.
I’m still going along to my training class on Thursday nights. I’m doing really well, but my mum is such a handicap! The other day, when we were trying a bit of agility training, she went off on her own round the course and left me behind! Our trainer, Helen, is very understanding. She’s got a Wiccaweys puppy too!
Here are some photos of me on my hols. I’m off to Norfolk soon, where I can play on the beach and run in the sea.
Lots of love and a big woof to you all,
Tia xxx
Gill, Ian & Tia Pope

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