Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Bonnie Pup & family

Hi Mum
I have had a very busy week here. We have been on lots of long walks and Ernie and I play for hours in the garden. But I also have a number of jobs to do - like gardening, feeding the birds and chasing the squirrels away from the bird table. I have to carry out my squirrel chasing responsibilities at least every ten minutes (unless I'm asleep.)  I run out and sit under the bird table and watch the squirrels jump across the branches to get away from me. Oh and dad and I painted some more of the garden fence - dad said I was a great help!
I have shown Ernie how to get in the pond despite dad's elaborate dog proofing. Ernie takes me for a swim in the canal most days and yesterday we swam all the way across and back. I don't swim as often as Ernie does but I race up and down the tow path when he's in the water and show him the best places to get out. Then I help him out by pulling his ear. It's great fun!
Love to you, dad, Bobbie and Baz

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