Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Bob & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Sorry its taken a while to send you pictures of Bob, hope these pics get to you not sure if ive done it right, Bob's settled in really well hes playing football loves his bones/treats

and hes really enjoying life with us as we are with Bob hes top of the class at Beginners training classes most weeks!! were taking him to the seaside this week so hope he enjoys that, Paul will get to chat to you re: squirrell chasing when you get time although we know that is in his DNA we would be grateful of any distraction/recall tips you can help us with.

Bob's really come out of himself and were really pleased with his progress we really cant believe the Bob we now have to the Bob we first saw its lovely to see how happy he is.

Best wishes Jackie Mark Jamie Ramos.

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