Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Update from Jean (now Gabby) & family

Hello to you all at Wiccaweys!

Hope all are well!
Gabby is doing fine, growing into a strong young lady!
She is constantly making us laugh with the little things she does, such as watching football on the TV- and trying to catch the ball! 
We call her our 'posh bird' as she lies down with her two front paws crossed over, another little giggle we have with her!
She got an Aston Villa shirt for christmas with her named printed on the back, some of you may know she is named after a Villa player, and after sending her picture into the people who write the programme, Gabby was printed in the last programme, with a picture of her in her shirt! 
She has enjoyed all this lovely hot weather by being able to have the door open so she can come and go into the garden as she pleases!
We are currently practising walking off the lead with her, and she is doing very well, she is very well behaved out in the street, as isn't bothered about anyone but who is walking her- including other dogs! She walks away from dogs and strangers! 
She does have a hobby of chasing pigeons in the garden- and trying to eat the bread from the bird table! 
She is doing beautifully, she loves giving kisses and cuddles, but loves nothing more than destroying new toys on the day she gets them!
She brings us so much happiness and smiles, and we would like to thank you for letting us have such a beautiful, caring young lady. 
She has been with us for a year and a half, and she has amazed us with everything she does!
Thank you once again,
Gabby J's Owners x
and Gabby xxx
P.S. apologies for the quality of the pictures, blackberry's haven't got the best camera's!

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