Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Letter from Paddi & family

Paddi came into our lives at age of 16 weeks.  A striking looking dog with the colouring of an alsation and ears that any rabbit would be proud of!
He initially was very timid of any new visitors to our home and would hide - maybe thinking that he was going somewhere new again.
He is now 4 years old and a happy boy.  As I type this I am thinking of him and it makes me smile.  He is such a character with boundless energy.  He has fitted into our pack really well.  We have 2 other border collies who are 8 years old - Belle and Arni.
Belle (a blue merle) loves running and chasing with Paddi. Arni (standard black and white) likes looking at tufts of grass, sniffing (anything that could be interesting in the dog world of smells) and digging holes or just kicking up dirt (well - mainly Paddi does that and Arni tries to catch the fallout!).
Paddi will skip around the garden throwing a rope toy into the air and catching it like a majorette.  He also likes to pinch things and bury them.  I have a picture of him sitting on a plant pot while the other dogs are walking around trying to find their chews, that he has pinched and hidden in the plant pot he's sitting on!
5.30am every morning I get a wet nose nudge me awake and at 9pm every night he pulls on my sleeve or slipper to go to bed.  A complex but beautiful boy who has bought a lot of happiness into our home.
I've attached some pictures of Paddi so that you can see how happy and healthy he is.

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