Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Letter from Bobby & family

Dear Sarah and Paul,

Hi ya!

Just a quick up date on the Mr. Bobbysox! (yes sorry, it has sort of evolved!) as am on the computer and finishing  the ironing doesn't  really appeal and I have been thinking about doing this as we walk each morning for sometime. No problems! He continues to be a delight and it's difficult to remember not having him around. He's grown/ muscled up and his back end is now almost 2 inches taller than Mads. They were about the same when he first came. He's a fruit cake on walks but hey we can cope with that and has made lots of new friends, human and canine, in the woods. With Mads tutoring, he is keeping the squirrel and deer population on their toes and ensuring they get plenty of  exercise. Such a happy chap! He and Mads are as thick as thieves and totally besotted, playing together endlessly and getting up to allsorts of mischief. There has been some unrequested digging in a flower bed on more than one occasion ("Looking for bones" said Mads!) and several plants have been relocated down the field! Hanging baskets for the summer me thinks! Yesterday I found the pair of them on the drive way surrounded by pegs. Peg bag and laundry basket half way down field. "Counting them mum" Mads said! "The chewed ones? we found them like that Mum!"

We love them both to bits! So thank you again for introducing us and please pass on our thanks to the lovely, caring lady who rescued and brought him down to you. It's so difficult to believe that a dog with such a happy, friendly, eager to please nature could have been abandoned, but I guess he isn't alone by any means! Keep up the good work!

Will keep in touch. Would love to send photos but sorry my ICT skills don't extend that far!

Take care

Penny and Tim, Maddie and Bobby x

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